Practice yoga in the classical tradition.  Pure Prana Yoga offers Sivananda-style classes weekly in the resort. Private yoga classes may be booked at your convenience.  Santosha Shala, our yoga space, is always open for in-house guests who meditate or do their yoga practice on their own when there are no classes. You may use the mats and blocks in the shala. Ask our front desk for more info.


Take it to a whole new level and add a drop of adventure to your practice! Pure Prana Yoga also offers stand-up paddleboard (SUP) yoga classes in the river.  The calmness of the river and lushness of nature gives a very noble touch to the practice. SUP Yoga improves your inner balance and coordination,  your mind becomes focused and relaxed as you become in tune with nature.


For in-house guests: Kindly register  at least a day in advance and ask our front desk how you can book your yoga classes with us.


Pure Prana Yoga accepts bookings from outsiders. 

Book in advance here: http://www.suptoursphilippines.com/supyoga/


IG: @purepranayoga