Landmark: Petron Gas Station

SUP Tours Philippines Sports Center

Baranggay Valladolid, Loboc

6316 Bohol


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Our story begins in October of 2012. A young couple named, Frederic and Joan found a place next to the Loboc River that is the perfect location to open their business of teaching stand-up paddle boarding and offering daily tours (SUP Tours Philippines.)  They purchased the land and built their home-office with the hopes of making a decent living on eco-tourism having as little impact as possible to the natural environment of the beautiful Loboc River. On 2013, the island of Bohol went through a devastating period of calamities.  The community felt so defeated with their lives affected by earthquakes and a super typhoon but that didn’t stop Frederic and Joan to pursue their dreams and continue to live life normally and bring the local community with them.  They decided to build three bungalows even when the ground continued to grumble and shake from aftershocks.  That didn’t deter them from continuing and eventually named it Paddle’s Up Guesthouse. They got to adopt a cute pom-spitz puppy and named him Fox.  A year later, they decided to rename the place to Fox & The Firefly because there are so many fireflies along the Loboc River. To this day, Fox & The Firefly Cottages continue to evolve and strive to be a truly eco-sustainable place. Currently, we now have 11 rooms, a yoga-meditation room (Santosha Shala), a restaurant (Food & Fables) and outdoor activities still provided by SUP Tours Philippines.

If you are here, you may ocassionally bump into Fox and his friends happily hanging out in the reception or  if you’re lucky, see the firefly in your room before you sleep.

You are welcome to stay with Fox & The Firefly and family!

Fox & the Firefly Cottages